For a limited time our Bee’s Milk Facial Scrub and Sun Soaked Sage Face & Body Mist are paired with a homegrown lavender sachet, packaged in a reusable kraft box and tied with twine for a sensory self-care experience.

Designed with The Ranch’s key principles in mind – simple yet effective health practices, recognizing nature’s healing power and supporting the body’s natural renewal process – these products were handcrafted with ingredients harvested from our certified organic garden.

Safe for all skin types, both products offer a variety of benefits while enhancing your current regime to nourish and revitalize the skin with natural ingredients.

  • What's Included

    -Bee's Milk Facial Scrub
    - Sun Soaked Sage Face & Body Mist
    -Lavender Sachet

  • How to Use

    Bee’s Milk Facial Scrub: Discard lemon slice after opening. After cleansing, smooth over wet face, neck & chest, gently massaging in circular motions until dissolved. Rinse with warm water. If separation occurs use the enclosed spoon to mix the product before applying. Use 2-3 times per week.

    * Can also be used as an allover skin softener. Think dry lips along with rough spots on the elbows, legs, hands, feet. Stimulate circulation with a more vigorous motion to target cellulite or sluggish areas of the body.

    Sun Soaked Sage Face & Body Mist: Shake well and spray your face and body for a hydrating boost of fresh sage. Try it after you wash your face, to set makeup, as a refresher on the skin, to wind down or in meditation, as a room spray or even on your pillow for a more relaxing sleep. Sage is a natural antibacterial and we love this mist pre-or post- workout, bringing ours on hikes to cool and hydrate the skin!

    Lavender Sachet: Freshen up drawers, gym bags or small spaces with the calming scent of fresh lavender

  • Benefits

    Bee’s Milk Facial Scrub:
    • Sugar is a natural form of glycolic acid, helping to brighten the skin, enhance exfoliation and accelerate the skin’s renewal process.
    • Lemon acts as a skin brightener and is filled with natural sources of vitamin C.
    • Honey has been used for centuries to hydrate, heal and moisturize. The higher concentration of beeswax in The Ranch’s honey enhances these qualities for a deeper and more lasting moisturizing effect.
    • Lemon, lime and neroli essential oils heighten the aroma-therapeutic qualities of the product while enhancing its effectiveness by increasing absorption.

    Sun Soaked Sage Face and Body Mist:
    • Sage has wonderful properties of enzymes and minerals coming from both the leaves and stems that produce medicinal, hydrating and anti-aging benefits. Sage is also filled with muther- an excellent addition to help with absorption and preservation.
    • Lemon, lime and neroli essential oils heighten the aroma-therapeutic qualities while helping with the absorption of the natural enzymes of the sage for deeper penetration and hydration.

    Lavender Sachet:
    • Lavender has a calming effect while also helping to relieve respiratory issues like colds, asthma and sinus congestion.

  • Ingredients

    Bee’s Milk Facial Scrub:
    Sucrose (sugar) Beads, raw honey, lemon extract, camellia oil (100% essential oil), Bradley Blend 3 (lemon, lime, neroli 100% essential oil)

    Sun Soaked Sage Face & Body Mist:
    Salvia Officinalis Distillate (Distilled Sage), Salvia Officinalis Exctract (Sage Essential Oil), Bradley Blend 3™ (Lemon, Lime, Neroli 100% Essential Oil), AE TRI-ACT PME (natural, plant-based preservative)

    Lavender Sachet:
    Dried, loose lavender, dried lavender buds, pure, organic lavender oil, sage leaves.