The Ranch 4.0

Jumpstart your journey to better health in our 4-day fitness and wellness program.

Reopening January 2022. Dates to be announced.

Short on time? Kick-start your health goals at The Ranch 4.0, a 4-day “weekend” version of The Ranch Malibu’s award winning 7-day wellness program at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and California Health & Longevity Institute. A retreat ideal for solo travelers, couples or groups, this program is modeled after the same active fitness schedule as The Ranch Malibu, including four intense hikes to give guests the extreme results that are looking for.

“The Ranch 4.0 truly changed my life. I tell my kids, it’s a lifestyle, not a diet when they ask why I look at food labels or only buy wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats for them. And I am loving this new lifestyle!” – M.M.

Our highly knowledgeable staff tends to your every need and is trained in all aspects of fitness and rehabilitation to support and nurture, while guiding you to achieve personal program goals. Limited to 19 guests each weekend, together they participate in an active daily schedule consisting of 8 hours of low impact activity – centered around a breathtaking and challenging 4 hour group hike each morning – nap time, afternoon fitness classes and daily massage. The intense physical regimen is complemented by a 1,400 calorie-a-day organic plant-based diet, served in an enchanting onsite greenhouse, with guests also enjoying a cooking class before departure. The program is designed to allow guests to connect with nature’s healing elements, along with experiencing more unique modalities including a 90-minute sound bath one afternoon during their stay.

Those who participate in this 4-day retreat also receive increased diagnostic testing. Through our partnership with the California Health & Longevity Institute, guests receive insightful medical testing of body fat through the Bod Pod machine and resting metabolic rate through the VO2 test.

“The Ranch 4.0 was the perfect way to start my year. It challenged me on the most fundamental levels, physically and mentally I was stretched, invigorated and educated. I had an incredible experience learning about my health, my body and my diet and I can’t wait to come back again.” – N.S.

During the long weekend program, guests experience the mental benefits of connecting with nature’s healing elements, and routinely achieve weight loss and drop inches, with many continuing to see results following their vacation.

The Ranch 4.0 Daily Fitness Schedule

Morning hikes, afternoon fitness classes, diagnostic testing, deep tissue massages and healthy,
plant-based cuisine round out your active weekend

Morning Programming


Gentle guest wake-up


Morning stretch


Breakfast - Chickpea 'frittata' with tomatillo salsa

8:00 - 12:30

Mountain hiking




Lunch - Cauliflower and quinoa tabbouleh with white bean hummus

Afternoon Programming



3:00 - 6:00

Afternoon exercise sessions featuring low impact strength conditioning through circuit training, core and ab work and weight training

Restorative yoga


Free time


Dinner - Vegetable lasagna with macadamia nut ricotta



*This program also includes two daily snacks, a daily (Fri - Sun) deep tissue massage, a healthy cooking class and diagnostic testing


Westlake Village, California

The comforts of a five star hotel paired with the results of our acclaimed 4-day fitness program

With a warm blend of Southern California elegance, the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village sits within acres of gardens near Los Angeles, Malibu and Santa Barbara. The idyllic luxury resort provides a spacious environment to relax and reset over a long weekend in The Ranch 4.0 wellness program. While mornings are spent hiking the nearby Santa Monica Mountains, guests return to the hotel for an afternoon filled with group fitness classes, which take place outdoors or in the full-service private gym. Meals are enjoyed communally, in an enchanting greenhouse at the hotel.

“You can read as many books and watch as many socially conscious docs as one can pack in, and I really try to do my fair share of the above, but The Ranch is a place that puts those theories and clips into practice. I look at a plant-based diet with a new set of devouring not deprived eyes. I won’t look at food the same way again. The Ranch changed me on a primal level.” – H.R.

Guests unwind in their own private room, which includes a king bed, and lush bathroom with separate shower and bathtub. We have removed the coffee makers and mini bars so that no one is tempted during their stay. Guests also have access to the hotel’s award winning spa area during any downtime where they can enjoy the sauna, steam room, meditation area and indoor and outdoor pool.

“My stay at The Ranch 4.0 was exactly what I needed to get my health back on track. They plan every little detail of your stay so that you can completely zen out. I left with a clear mind and a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle.” – J.C.

The Ranch 4.0 also partners with the adjoining California Health & Longevity Institute to offer the specialized diagnostic testing included within your 4.0 stay, along with the more comprehensive Integrative Lifestyle Physical for those desiring an in-depth look their overall health.

The Results

The Ranch 4.0 is often the first step towards a healthier lifestyle as guests detoxify the body, educate themselves on creating a positive shift in their habits and see pounds & inches lost.

“The Ranch 4.0 was truly a life-changing experience for me. After 4 days of clean eating and hiking is it too much to say that I’m LITERALLY seeing more clearly? I don’t think so. It’s amazing and challenging and rewarding. GO FOR THE RESET YOU NEED!” – J.D.R.

Upon completion of the program, guests log more than 50 miles of hiking and feel the revitalizing benefits of a plant-based diet. Often guests experience a loss of weight and inches that continues even after they return home. Lasting nutritional and fitness guidance from The Ranch experts will continue after departure to ensure guests sustain the benefits of their stay.

What's included

The Ranch 4.0 rate includes 4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS (Thursday-Monday) of:
  • Private accommodations for each guest at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village
  • Daily guided hikes and afternoon fitness and exercise classes
  • Daily restorative yoga class
  • Daily massage for each full day
  • Plant-based and nutritionally dense meals and snacks designed to nourish & detoxify you during your stay
  • Bod Pod body fat and VO2 testing
  • Evening elective nutrition and wellness discussions
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Laundry service on Saturday
  • Return airport transfer to LAX at 10 am on Monday morning